Makin’ A Killin’ At The Goodwill (Again)

I really shouldn’t have gone over there.

We really don’t have much discretionary spending money right at the moment, especially after I had to pony up a decent wedding gift for my Ex yesterday and we have to pay rent out of this check.

I seriously only wanted to pick up another small filing cabinet and they had some last time I was there for $5 apiece.


Of course I know myself better than that but I still figured I could swoop in and swoop out for twenty, easy.

Oh fuck no.

Keep reading though and see if you think maybe I did OK for what I wound up spending.


First up is a little file cabinet, which is why I went over there in the first place. Five bucks. The last one worked out so well I am going to get a couple more later.




Five bucks ain’t bad, the problem is that I have to go past all the bulk bins to get back to the room they keep this kind of stuff in.


That means I would have to pass up stuff like this if that’s all I was going to get.





At about $1.89 apiece I can’t just walk away from a bunch of Stanley hand saws.

I will clean them up and give them away if I have to.


I stopped there and put some blinders on and went and looked at the filing cabinet.

As I am waiting on someone to come write me up a ticket for it, I spotted this little jewel winking at me from a distance,


A vintage drill press for $15. (it works great, I checked it as soon as I got home)

Check the update below on the little drill press, I really scored there and didn’t know it.



I figured I needed to stop at that point and get the fuck outta there.

I have my little cart and I am weaving in and out of traffic headed for the check out stand and I am using tunnel vision to get there.

I almost made it too.

About eight feet from my goal, in one of the first bins people would see if they went straight in the front door, was this.



I couldn’t believe my eyes.



And it was in one of the bulk bins, with no price sticker on it.

For the life of me I can not believe someone had not snatched that motherfucker up and went straight to the cash register with it.


I sure as hell did!

I got it, for $1.69 a pound. Probably about ten bucks.

It’s missing one handle and a little rubber plug. That’s it.

It will probably cost me more to order those after I pay for shipping than it cost me for the canner.


So I wound up spending about $60 total. I have a small stash of Mad Money I am going to have to stick in the account to cover it but I will take those kinds of deals all day long.


The Good Lord blessed me a couple of times at one stroke there.

I have been wanting one of that style of canners for a long time and have been looking for a small vintage drill press for months.

The saws and the file cabinet are gravy on top.


Holy Fucking Shit!!

I went out and spent some time cleaning up the little drill press and checked it out a little closer. It has either a bearing or a gear growling and jumping a bit at low speeds, actually it acts like the armature jumping on the brushes, it’s only at really slow speeds.. But it seems to spin alright. As a matter of fact, it has a sliding speed setting feature and when you slide it all the way over the little fucker just screams at high RPM.

It was made by some outfit in Milwaukee by the name of Electro Mechano according to the tag on the motor so just for shits and grins I searched for images trying to find another one to see if it was rare or anything because I don’t remember ever seeing one like it before.

Umm, yeah.

I found a picture that took me to an expired EBay site where one was sold.


Electro Mechano 105W Precision High Speed Small Drill Press Jacobs No 0 Chuck

Item condition:

Sold for:

US $449.99

Approximately C $567.17
Good Lord, it’s a precision drill press.
I have always thought those were like Unicorns and Lottery winners.
You have heard about them but never seen one.
Wow, fifteen bucks, at Goodwill.
I’ll take that as a win.
DOUBLE BONUS, it didn’t come with a chuck key and it has a dinky assed little chuck.
I just went out in the garage and dug through one of the drawers in my old Roll Away and bigger than shit, I had one that fits.
It’s been a good day.




14 thoughts on “Makin’ A Killin’ At The Goodwill (Again)

  1. Damn, a new AA 921 canner runs $240.00 each. A new safety plug and screw knob should cost around $30. I do recommend buying two safety plugs.


    • I knew they were spendy but didn’t know they were THAT spendy. Thanks for the advice on the safety plugs. I scored big on the little drill press too and din’t know it. It’s a high precision drill press for like machinst’s and laboratories.


  2. Iffn’ the Good Lord didn’t want you to spend good money on good stuff He would’ve struck you down with a massive infarct! And Canby Rules!


        • Yes you did. I remember one of those in a shop I used to work at in Oregon City. The owner was the only one he would allow to use it, he said it was too damn fine of a tool for our ham fisted parts changer (What he used to call us mechanics) . How far north? middle of the State of South Dakota… to damn cold for my taste. I am leaving come early spring but where I have no idea, south I think. Portland area is too damn expensive and crowded for my taste any more.


  3. Those little drill presses are sometimes called a “Sensitive Drill Press”. The little electronics place I worked at in high-school had one made by the same company that yours is made by. We used it with carbide bits to drill holes in printed circuit boards.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I used one of those drill presses with tiny carbide bits to make one of a kind printed circuit boards, like Dr.Jim says. They run very true. Never had a way to measure TIR at that job, but it was the go to tool.


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