I Gotta Get Cleaned Up

I have to go to a fucking wedding today, one of my ex girlfriends finally hooked sumpoordood.

She’s a good woman and I am happy for her, we are still good friends.
I prefer it that way.
I hate having crazy pissed off ex’es, they are a waste of time and energy.
Anyway, now I have to go get dolled up and I think I hate that shit more than any of the rest of it combined.

I’m a blue jeans and T shirt kinda guy.
My wife is always on my ass because she wants me to wear sweat pants and pajamas when I’m just laying around and I think that is fucking gay assed horse shit.

I am actually more comfortable in a well worn pair of Carharts with a nice toasty Carhart hoody to match.

She say’s I’m weird. I don’t argue, I just put on the Carharts.

Not that I don’t clean up good, it’s just a PITA for me, now I have to go dig out my Good Duds and all that crap.


Maybe I should just go with this look instead.


The Bride To Be texted me and said I owe her a dance so I told her I would brush my tooth just for her then, she got a good laugh out of that.
Hopefully it will be short and sweet, I don’t drink anymore so the reception will be over for me the minute this dance thing is over.
Then I’m going to come back home and dig out my oldest pair of Carharts and go out in the garage.
I think I’ll put on the black overalls just because the wife really hates those.

3 thoughts on “I Gotta Get Cleaned Up

  1. That overall look would be a good fit, my choice of formal attire… I haven’t had a suit since my army days. You couldn’t get my anywhere near a suit shop. Blues jeans every day wear butternut khaki for when I have to kinda dress up.


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