Pop Corn Futures Just Went Through The Roof

Although Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings concerning the Russian Uranium deal is not news, the fact that the FBI had uncovered a massive kickback and influence peddling scheme complete with extortion and bribery well before the Obama administration finalized the deal and then the DOJ sat on the investigation for years trying to bury it is new news. There are some big names on the list of people involved in this shady deal and you can throw money laundering into the mix as well.

I wonder if anyone at the DOJ remembers this thing called the RICO Act?

If true, then the possibility exists to blow open one of the biggest scandals this country has ever seen.
The question is, does Sessions have the balls to open this can of worms?

My gut says no.

4 thoughts on “Pop Corn Futures Just Went Through The Roof

  1. i don’t see anything coming of this. it’s been out since 2009. just more justice for me but none for thee banana republic antics.


  2. I agree that they more than likely will just whistle Dixie and go about business as usual but as the saying goes, it’s not the original crime, it’s the cover up that gets ya.
    There is without a doubt enough out already to prosecute that.

    But they won’t.


  3. Guys, if Sessions doesn’t pursue this then what are we going to do? Trump said he would fix bullshit like this, if he won’t then we need to raise hell and get their attention. We barely dodged a bullet with Clinton losing, we can’t take 8 more years of Clinton-lite.


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