3 thoughts on “Gotta Get Some, Toilet Paper Tablets!

  1. “See, what you do is swallow one like an aspirin. Then the TP works list way out of you, cleaning you up like a boresnake. Works like a charm.”


  2. A warning about these tablets: Most brands of compressed towelettes are NOT biodegradable, at all. The reason they are so good at tough cleanup jobs is they are made of polyester, not paper.

    Normal TP usually takes a few months to degrade in active soils, a few years in dry soils. These wipes could require years even in a compost pile, decades in normal mineral soil. Same thing with most baby wipes, even the “flushable” ones really belong in a garbage can after use.

    All of which means that you should be packing these out with you after use, which eliminates almost all of the supposed benefits of carrying them into the woods.

    I do keep these in my car for cleanup on the road, since they handle greasy repairs better than a paper towel, but I don’t carry them into the backcountry. If they made them rapidly biodegradable, I might consider them, but they probably wouldn’t be so tough if made of paper.


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