This One Is For Angel

She went quiet a couple three weeks ago but should have had cataract surgery one one eye the 3rd and according to her last update, the second one is scheduled for Friday the 13th.

I’m pretty sure I’m not one of her favorite people and that’s completely understandable because I have yanked her chain a couple of times, even though it wasn’t meant to be malicious, she kinda took it personal I think.

Anyways, she is good people and has kind of been the unelected Den Mother for several bloggers, not to mention she torments that poor bastard Kenny relentlessly so she’s alright in my book for sure and I wish her the best of luck.

She is also kinda famous for having a touch of the OCD so things that are obviously crooked or out of place bug her a bit.

That’s why she was the first person I thought of when I saw this GIF below.
If anyone hears from her tell her I was thinking about her.
I think she would like this one,

4 Angel

1 thought on “This One Is For Angel

  1. I don’t know where you got the idea I don’t like you, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not that I won’t smack you upside the head for this if I get the chance…


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