For Someone Who Doesn’t Feel Well I Sure Was Busy Today (Updated)

Winter is coming.
That means I finally had to pull my head out of my ass and get stuff done while the sun was shining because it’s supposed to start raining around here tomorrow.

For those of you who don’t live here in the Pacific Northwest, when it finally starts raining in October here, it pretty much doesn’t stop until late June at the earliest. Sure there will be the occasional nice day but Summer very quickly turns to Fall and then Fall immediately goes straight to Winter before all the leaves have fallen off the trees.
I had the day off because I worked last Sunday but started feeling a cold coming on Wednesday.
It didn’t give much warning either, bam, my throat got scratchy at work and an hour later I was hacking up soupy lung butter.
Thursday I felt like shit and this morning my head was either stuffed up or my nose was dripping like a faucet with the occasional sneezing fit and the always fun, low grade fever and body aches.
Today was also a Payday by chance and there was a little extra because of a bunch of overtime I had put in.

So, Day off, Payday and a nice sunny day.

Time to get shit done, sick or not.

I started out by heading to a local Goodwill to see about getting some heavy shirts and if I was lucky, maybe a pair of jeans to kick around in. I am hard to find pants for because I am so skinny, have no ass at all and am 6 feet tall.

This isn’t your typical Goodwill however, it’s a distribution point where they sell stuff out of big 8 foot long rolling bins, by the pound.

It can get pretty crazy in there with all the Russians, the Mexicans and everybody else you can imagine but those Russian women are some rude ass bitches.
They will take shit right out of your cart if you let ’em get away with it.
I don’t.
Being an old gray beard has it’s advantages sometimes.
All I have to do is scowl at the fuckers and they know not to fuck with me.

So I dug through a bunch of these bins and came up with a couple of pull overs and a miraculous pair of jeans that may just fit.

I’m not paying top dollar for clothes that I know I am going to wind up getting greasy and shit.
Anything in those bins,a giant room full, is $1.69 a pound for under 25 pounds.
The prices change the more you buy.

So two pull overs and a pair of jeans, a small round file and the blade off a a hand held edging tool.At a buck sixty nine a pound.

But wait! it gets even better!
I wandered out in the back where they keep the bikes, lawnmowers and other big stuff and walk right up to what looks like an almost brand fucking new lawn edger with a 3 1/2 horse Briggs and Stratton engine on it.


Twelve bucks.

Are you fucking kidding me?!
I picked that little fucker up and threw it in the cart before I even thought about it.
The gas tank stinks like varnish but I have a brand new one that fits that motor and I paid sixty just for the fucking tank!

So I turn around and here is another deal staring at me about twenty feet away.
A 4 drawer filing cabinet for $15.

I had to load the fucker up myself but having an El Camino made that simple.
Drop the tailgate, tip it up on it’s back pivoting on the edge of the tailgate and push it on.
Done. I got out of there for under $40.
There is more about the file cabinet later.

On the way back home, I swung into BiMart.
I bought fourteen pairs of socks, two bags of white knee highs and four pairs of heavy cold weather work socks, four pairs of thermal underwear bottoms, 3 cans of coffee, a bunch of .22 ammo because it was the first time in a year that they actually had some in stock when I was there, and some fuel treatment/ carb cleaner for the new edger.
Brought all that stuff home so the wife could say “What’s all that stuff and how much did it cost”? and then unload a bunch of it.
Then I loaded up a bunch of gas cans and a propane bottle before heading back out to good old Harbor Freight.
I wanted to get one of those 4 wheel moving dollies to put under the filing cabinet so I can move the heavy fucker around if I need to.
Of course one doesn’t just run into a Harbor Freight store to get just one thing.
Oh no no no no.

I also snagged a pack of 50 shop rags, a #2 Morse taper with a drill chuck on it, a couple other little Doo Dads and snagged a free tarp after using my 20% off coupon.
Threw all that shit in the rig and headed up the parking lot to The Dollar Store, only to run into the wife heading the other way.
Damnit, busted coming out of Harbor Freight!

Fuck it, I’ll deal with it later.
Blew her a kiss and kept driving.
Into The Dollar Store, another dangerous place for me with money, and picked up 2 gallons of vinegar and a small container to soak some tools in to get the rust off of them.
Back in the rig, swing by the gas station and fill up the gas cans, the car and the propane jug.
Hit traffic but made it home in time to unload the rig completely this time and dig out the fucking lawnmower.
Of course it’s got no gas in it but the bag was still full of clippings from the last time the kid used it.
That fucking kid is so predictable it’s ridiculous.
Gassed the fucker up, checked the oil, dumped the bag and started in. It’s supposed to start raining tomorrow, remember?

Mowed the fucking lawn, hosed off the mower and cleaned the bag, put some fuel treatment in the gas tank and stuffed the fucker back into the little shed.
It’s the last time I’m going to mow this year.
If it needs it again the wife can make the kid….. never mind.

I also found two rakes and a hoe that had been laying outside with the wooden handles getting all dried out and cracked, even still had the sticker on one of them.
Leaned them up against the tailgate, got one of the new shop rags and a can of WD-40 out and soaked the rag then wiped the handles down.
I also sprayed a bunch in and around where the handle clamps the implement on both ends. Put those fuckers away then rolled up the garden hose, put it, the sprinkler and two spray nozzles away before heading back into the garage.

Moved a bunch of shit around in the garage to get the Sprite out so I could get the filing cabinet in.
That means I have to unload 2 home made rolling wooden shelving units I built a couple of years ago too because the filing cabinet is going to replace them.
That also means they need to go away because there isn’t going to be room for them anymore.


Finally got all of that shit done and then I had to move a bunch of other stuff and cram it wherever it would fit so I could get the little car back in.

By now it’s almost dark but I have a buddy who does a lot of wood working and also has a fireplace that doesn’t live too far away.
Loaded up the wooden shelving units and drove over and donated them to him to do with as he pleases. I used wood screws to put them together with so taking them back apart should be a snap.

I finally got back home, fed the fucking cats and made myself something to eat before I plunked my narrow little ass down in the chair to type this out.

For not feeling so hot I got a lot of shit done today.
The best part is that if the Good Lord is willing, I will be 58 fucking years old in a few months and I have a very fucked up low back that got fused thirty some years ago.
That fucker is screaming at me right this minute but I am all done for today.
Tomorrow it’s back into the garage to start sorting through shit and trying to get better organized.
I just have to make sure there is a snot rag handy at all times.

A little Update is in order;

The gas tank on the edger was full of rust and even after cleaning it out as much as I could, she’s no good man.
Of course the brand fucking new one I have looks exactly the same but no love there either, the mounting holes for the carburetor are completely different.
After I cleaned it out and put some oil in it I hit it with some carb cleaner down the throat of the carb and the little fucker fired up on the third pull so I know the engine is good. I think maybe the little fuel pick up tube and screen inside the tank are plugged up with rust and varnish.It would start right up and run with a little gas down the carb but die right out as soon as it burned it up.
I got it cheap enough to make it worth while to go get a new tank and pick up tube.

As for the filing cabinet, that worked out even better than I had hoped.
I was originally just going to fill it with stuff but happened to notice one of several boxes of my old albums sitting right in my way.
They didn’t fit standing up but I got 5 cardboard boxes full of albums in the thing so that cleared up a bunch of floor space.
I need every inch I can get.
All in all it wasn’t money pissed away, no matter what the wife says.


4 thoughts on “For Someone Who Doesn’t Feel Well I Sure Was Busy Today (Updated)

  1. That’s an epic score on that edger. A 3HP edger? It looks like the cutter swivels 90 degrees so you can cut down small trees with it.

    When the other kids in my neighborhood were mowing lawns, and my folks bought a gas powered edger, I started edging lawns for money.


  2. You are truly a bargain hunter. A great catch on the edger, I agree. That is the finest style ever invented. It will cut a swath wide and deep along your driveway, curb, and sidewalk. Those sell for several hundred new. You will probably need to replace the diaphram in the carb as well. Get some Gunk, but avoid getting it on the down tube(s). I am a firm believer in Airborne with 1000 mg vitamin C every six hours. Alka-Seltzer plus cold medicine will help you sleep with the decongestant. 3 days, and you should improve.


  3. Bravo Zulu, DOOOOD!

    Like SiG says, I’ll bet that edger could take down small trees, or a stand of bamboo.

    Get some EmergnC powder. Mix it up, and drink it down, and it should make you feel better.

    Tastes like “Tang”, but it’s always worked for me!

    We’ve got our first winter storm coming in late Sunday night. Expect 3″~5″ of the white stuff…..


  4. My husband and I laughed — cause — exactly! One of your best posts. Can’t wait to hear what you have in store for the file cabinet.


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