Where Is The Hotel Camera Footage?

I want to see that shit.

I want to see that 64 year old guy packing multiple rifles and hundreds if not thousands of rounds of ammunition all the way up to the 32nd floor of that fucking hotel by himself.

Better yet, I want to see him tipping a hotel employee for doing it for him.

We are talking half a pickup bed worth of ordinance here, easy.

Don’t anyone bother trying to tell me that fucking hotel doesn’t have cameras all over the place either.

Now ABC news is saying the shooter had cameras inside and outside the door of his hotel room, that room service had been up there several times and that the Eff BEE Eye has those cameras.

Even Stuffalotofus said this took a great deal of advance planning.


Like I said yesterday, keep paying attention, this story stinks to high heaven and the “facts” the MSM are reporting are going to change as time goes on.
They already are.

17 thoughts on “Where Is The Hotel Camera Footage?

  1. Yeah, things are starting to smell real bad. 4th floor/32nd floor. Two autos going off at the same time. How’d all that shit get up there with nobody noticing? Security cams? It goes on and on. Strange shit happening here.


  2. Most anyone can pull off an op in a big city. People trained not to notice.
    Stuff like security just down for routine repairs.

    Hell, we do not even need to factor in spooks. They just follow around the marks, and watch pron while everything goes down.

    Welcome to the third world, with fragile pensions.


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  4. Last night’s ABC News reporter on the Mandalay Hotel shooting was a joke. The capper for me was the reporter pointing at a “No Firearms Allowed” sign posted on a building column where the shooter had to have walked by. Omigawd – he ignored the sign !! The Gall !

    I guess the reporter thinks that these signs ward off the Evil Gun Owners intent on causing harm.


  5. Hell, just getting a bump stock to fire continuosly like an automatic without interruption seems suspect to me. Let alone a POS AR to go that many rounds rapid fire without multiple misfires of some type.
    Tho I guess he supposedly had several backup weapons.


  6. A rolling hard shell golf case such as this

    would have sufficed to bring the guns and magazines in. Check in, hide the first load of guns, hang the do not disturb tag on the door, take the empty case down the elevator, return a few hours later after an imaginary round of golf and bring another load of ordnance up the elevator. Repeat as necessary, no heavy lifting required.

    I work at an airport and I walk through the terminal every day to get a coffee. No one carries their checked luggage anymore, all the bags have wheels and retractable handles and most are hard shelled cases.


    • Plausible I guess but ammo is freakin’ heavy and we are talking thousands of rounds here.
      The more info that comes out and the longer people have had to digest the facts while keeping the official line at arms length has pretty much convinced me that we are being lied to in a big way here.


  7. Have you ever got that right about the hotel camera footage. And where did all the shooters go? If they where ISIS operatives they are going to show up again. If it was a false flag via US Gov operatives, in either case we are probably never going to see that video footage.


    • You know damn good and well they have it.
      The fact that they haven’t released it tells me all I need to know.
      By now they have had time to sanitize it and it would be worthless anyway.
      Listening to the audio of the lady taxi drivers video, sounds sure as shit there was more than one shooter to me.
      We are being lied to, again, but the holes in this story are getting bigger and bigger.
      These smart sonsabitches ain’t as smart as they think they are and this isn’t 1963 or even 2001.
      The internet has changed all that and trying to blow smoke up everyones asses isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be.

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