I’ve Read The Book

I have already seen a few references to the similarity of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas yesterday and the story line to one of Matt Bracken’s books,
Enemies, Foreign And Domestic.
One being the link above and a couple more that I won’t go into.

All I can say is that everybody had better pray that this isn’t life imitating art because if it is the next couple of chapters are going to get really, really interesting.

It appears that I was wrong again when I figured the shooter wasn’t a white boy.
The alleged shooter certainly was. Heavy emphasis on alleged there.

There is still a lot of official and unofficial information coming in and a couple things are already starting to smell a little bit off so I am going to start taking a hard look around at a few things just in case this starts going where I think it might.
Video and witness reports seem to suggest that the weapon(s) used in the attack were either fully automatic or modified semi automatic.

So far there has been zero information released on what weapons were actually used but the fact that there were “several” rifles found in the guy’s hotel room and that information was freely disseminated right away stands right out to me.

I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that there are going to be some long term ripple effects from this coming. There are groups and individuals who are going to double down on their efforts to disarm We The People.

The usual suspects are already skipping around in the blood of innocents calling for more gun control. These people have no fucking shame and are as predictable as the sun rising in the East every morning.

Good luck with that, the genie is already out of the bottle you fucking idiots.

I watched an interview with Matt Bracken a little while ago and he says that a civil war is a certainty at this point and that certain players are already planning and executing operations in order to skew the perceptions of who is doing what to whom.

I have been saying for years now that there has been a low grade civil war under way in this country.
What, if anything that has to do with this obviously preplanned attack is yet to be seen.

Now would be a good time to analyze very carefully what comes out of the mouths
of the MSM and what the official line is because if you are patient enough you will see the story line and the facts presented change over time.
I guarantee it.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Read The Book

  1. We are in interesting times. Hope people see what’s going on. But most likely they don’t. Their confused and their reality is shaken.


  2. I’m with you Man. This fucking bullshit is getting so transparent its a joke. (No joke about the poor ones who where shot maimed or murdered, and their loved ones).
    We got to end this shit.
    They want to fuck around with guns?
    I say we start in Texas on some guys farm with a medium ALICE pack, combat rifle, 320rd combat load, and start marching towards that cesspool of traitors. No one says a word. No talking to the media, no nothing. Not even looking at anyone. Total silence. Just March. Bet if 20 guys started out, by the time we get to Alabama there’s 10,000. Legion Brothers.

    Matt’s been right about so many things the guy must have a time machine. Or he is an extremely intelligent insightful guy who puts critical thinking to the acid test.


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