Gotta Love The Irony

I still have my Gmail account open because I have had it for over ten years and that is the only way some people know how to get in touch with me.

That means I still get a shit ton of bullshit Emails and notifications about shit I could give a fuck about.

For example, this irritating as fuck Google Play notice keeps popping up telling me to make sure I spend the damn dollar they are going to give me, FREE!, on some fucking thing or another I don’t give a shit about.
It is with delicious irony that I report that Google Email, to Google, as Spam.


2 thoughts on “Gotta Love The Irony

  1. You and me Brother, except it ain’t all snot, puking and cream of shorts for me. I have had the flu since Wednesday and it is kicking my backside. Hopes to you for feeling better. I like the new web site.


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