Anyone Know What This Is?

It’s a new one on me, I’ve never seen anything like it before.
It looks like a shotgun to me but I have never seen one loaded like that before.
Whatever it is, I want to be behind it at all times.

new one

7 thoughts on “Anyone Know What This Is?

  1. Phil,
    Good morning. Browning shotguns load and eject from the bottom. Buddy of mine uses one as a slug-gun for deer. They also have the safety located on the tang, so they’re ideal for left-handed shooters.


  2. Somebody’s put a max cap. mag extension on a standard 12 ga. auto-loader, and then added a homebuilt external feed jig to optimize dropping those speedloaders into the mag well.

    Looks like a poor man’s Claymore mine to me.
    (120 00B pellets per 8 magnum buckshot rounds)

    Mongo like.

    Probably want a robust glove for your weak hand, that barrel’s liable to be scorching hot after a couple of tube-fulls of fun.


    • That’s not just ‘somebody’. That dude is Jerry Miculek. One of the fastest shooters to ever live, 12 shots on target in under 3 seconds from a 6 SHOT REVOLVER. Probably rocking his Mossberg 930 JM Pro (the JM for Jerry Miculek)


      • That is not Jerry Miculek, Mr Miculek is skinnier with a Louisiana accent. In all the videos of him I have seen he is wearing team S&W clothing. The device on the shotgun look like an Arredondo Speed Loader Assist. See


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