What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate

Actually, what I have here is a failure to listen to what I am saying, taking it seriously and doing what I fucking ask you to do, in a timely manner.
I communicate just fine.

When the kid got his car I saw this coming but it came to a head today and now I’m an asshole, again.
So be it.
The day he brought that fucker home he parked it in the driveway and I told him then to keep the fucking thing out in the street.
That lasted maybe two fucking days.

Ever since then, he parks it in the driveway at every opportunity.
I have kind of let it slide because my El Camino has had a pretty serious oil leak out of the passenger side valve cover for the past two years and it drips oil on the ground. It’s been like that because it’s a real fucker of a job to change.
No more, I spent all day fixing that cocksucker yesterday.
After I asked him to move his car out of the driveway yet again and got ignored.

Every single time, he agrees to do it readily and every single time he IMMEDIATELY fucks it off and starts doing something else.

Last week he pissed me off enough that I went and got my floor jack, picked the front wheels up off the ground and let it roll out into the street.
Then I came in the house and asked him if moving his fucking car might be more of a priority now than playing on his phone seeings how that it was ass end out in the road.

You would think that maybe the dumb fuck would have figured out by now that when I ask you to move your car, I am serious and I don’t mean whenever dude.
Move it now.

Oh no.
Same fucking thing today.
I asked him to move his car, he said OK so I went and got in mine and backed it up so he could park in front of the house and waited.
And waited some more.
I finally shut the cocksucker off and came in the house and here he is fucking the dog again.
That was enough of that, I fucking exploded on his ass.

So then automatically the wife had to chime in and try and protect his lazy ass yet again and I was having none of that shit either so I lit right into her ass too.

Now they are both pissed off and I am an asshole.
You fucking right I’m an asshole, you get what you ask for.
I am sick of not being listened to so get fucking used to it.

Piss me off again and I will kick it up a notch and if you don’t get your heads out of your asses I will show you what a COMPLETE asshole looks like.


Trust me kiddies, you don’t want to go there.
It’s ugly.

2 thoughts on “What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate

  1. I had a similar problem once. But only once, and it took a mere 3 minutes to resolve.

    Step 1: Find a telephone book, or locate someone who knows how to use one.
    Step 2: Look under “Towing Companies.” Find telephone number.
    Step 3: Dial number. Request removal of abandoned vehicle. Inform tow company the vehicle owner is responsible for all towing and storage charges (if vehicle owner is “you” (see below) one option is for towing company to sell it for charges).
    Step 4: Go back to doing what you were doing before Step 1.

    When vehicle owner exits structure and sees empty space questions will be asked. Hand them a piece of paper with the towing company phone number on it with the instructions to call for information.

    In my case the situation was easier because it was the third time the spouse’s car could not get out of the garage. I pointed out that “Towing Company” was now in my and the spouse’s phones’ favorites list so it could be speed dialed with one button.

    Pro tip: It becomes a liability issue, so check with insurance folks and lawyer, but keeping the title in your name allows you to sell the vehicle if the towing company solution is inadequate. Which is a handy ace to have up your sleeve.


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