4 thoughts on “Subtle Hint?

  1. What are you doing awake at this hour Phil ?!?!?! 🙂 I saw your update on the Blogger update feature – one of the few good things, eh ?
    Man is FL getting nailed, and it looks like Irma’s moving up – rain wise anyway – into GA. God those poor people.
    And Tropical storm Jose is following. Good God, give those people a break.
    OH – I think I found Woodsterman’s blog from your roll on the previous site. What a great guy. Great sense of humor. I saw a comment you’d left there. He’s creative as heck. Finds the best hottie pics around. Boo-yah!
    Past midnight for me, turning in. Stay well, good sir.


    • Thanks for the heads up. I did what I could to fix it.
      This new layout is kind of goofy as the comment function for the posts are actually above the line at the top of the post so this comment is on the wrong post.


      • Phil, pat yourself on the back. The site looks good; real good. Better every time I visit. I might be wrong, but “I think” one of the features I always liked about WP is that after “X” amount of days, you can turn comments off on individual posts. I don’t see that option on Blogger. It’s nice because you can turn of commenting on posts 4-5-6 months or older. If I ever move to WP, I may be asking you what to do. Take care! (No, you are not an a-hole regarding car/driveway parking. Sounds like you been plenty patient and lenient. I think you handled it perfectly.


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