If You Are Anywhere Near The Path Of This Hurricane Get Out Now

Someone I know has relatives on the Virgin Islands that they have been worried sick about.
For good reason.
They finally got a call out on a satellite phone yesterday evening and they are alive but that is about the only good thing they had to report.

Their house has been flattened.
Their truck has completely disappeared.
Every shred of vegetation around their property is either on the ground or out at sea somewhere.
The cell phone towers have been destroyed, the power is long gone and they have no water.

No water as in they get their water delivered by tanker every week.

They have no idea if their rather large sail boat has survived as they have no way to get to the marina to check on it.

In other words, they are fucked.

I am serious, if you think this thing is coming your way get the fuck out of Dodge pronto, it is going to tear a new asshole into anything it comes into contact with.

7 thoughts on “If You Are Anywhere Near The Path Of This Hurricane Get Out Now

    • Yep, there are still folks In the Houston area needing rescue/help who followed the ‘directions’ issued by the mayor. The folks who truly did (and still do) need help are being gotten too as soon as they can be reached. If the ‘fools’ had used a bit of common sense and gone to higher ground, those resources would have been far better utilized.


    • Phil, the thing about hurricanes is that the maximum winds are in a very tiny area. In a strong storm, the eye gets smaller. Say it’s 10 miles diameter (I don’t know what it actually is). The strongest winds are only in the eye wall, Be generous and say it’s a mile thick. After that, they’re dropping off. If you don’t get hit by the eyewall, you don’t get the highest winds. The cat 5 storm is nasty over a larger area, that’s all. The winds on Irma are coming down – still Cat 5, but probably won’t make it to Florida as a 5.

      David Drake said the size of Ohio? It’s bigger. It’s bigger than the length of Florida, looking at the satellite pictures, I’d guess like 6 or 700 miles under the cloud cover.


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