In News A Little Closer To Home, The Western Part Of The Country Is On Fire

Everyone knows about the Hurricanes and I don’t mean to take anything away from the shit show that is going on in the Southern part of the country but watching the news lately you won’t see much of anything about what is going on here on the Western side so I would like you to take a quick gander at this,


I knew there were some fires burning farther up the Columbia River Gorge the other day, I did not know that there are out of control wildfires raging not twenty miles away on both sides of the river in two states.
That would explain the ash that was covering all our cars out in the driveway this morning and the lack of visibility. The smoke was so thick last night it looked like it was foggy in some places and visibility was knocked down to a quarter of a mile.
There are currently several mandatory evacuations in effect in both Oregon and Washington within twenty five miles or less of me and they have closed the Columbia river to navigation.
They have actually been notifying communities just outside Portland’s Eastern boundary to be prepared to evacuate.
I had no idea there were fires raging so close by.
The thing is, they are 0% contained as of yesterday evening.
In other words, they are raging out of control up and down the steep canyons in the Gorge.
This is very bad and the whole Western side of the country is like this.
Too many fires to count easily and not near enough man power to do much of anything for it.

All this and not a fucking peep out of the MSM.
Not a fucking word.

Tell me again how these fuckers can call themselves journalists with a straight face.
This is an actual picture of the Eagle Creek fire raging out of control less than thirty miles from me.

eagle creek 1

Apparently that isn’t newsworthy.

6 thoughts on “In News A Little Closer To Home, The Western Part Of The Country Is On Fire

  1. Up here in Northwest Montana I have four to six major fires going within fifty miles of Libby, MT. One has already consumed over forty structures, including the homes, barns and shops of a small Amish community. One fire is only seven miles from town and is zero percent contained. My truck is covered with ash and burned fir and larch needles. Many people need to evacuate due to air quality, but there is nowhere to go.


  2. I was just looking at the weather forecast for Fort Collins, and they have “smoke” in the forecast.

    I’ve never seen that before, and I’ve been watching the weather there for several years now….


  3. If only we had signed on to the Kyoto Protocols, then none of this would happen. If only we had stayed in the Paris Accords, then this would be only a minor bad dream. Damn those evil people who deny science and climate! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!


  4. No sun here in Idaho panhandle all week. The flaming forests are all miles away but the smoke is thick and covers much of the upper inland NW. My locale has had no rain two and a half months. Still it is minor compared to
    being up to your eyeballs in floodwater.


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