Just Give Up

I’ve had a couple of dogs like this.


Yeah, fuck you, I’m coming too.

One was named Jack, after the whiskey of course, he was a big fucking dog man. He stood well over six feet tall standing on his back legs and weighed close to one seventy. He was some kind of a mix of hound, Lab and I swear, Rhodesian Ridgeback.

He had a ridge of hair that stood up and went down his back just like one but you could see the hound and the Black Lab both in him. He loved the water too so there ya go with that.

That big ol’ fucker could climb over an eight foot fence  if he was a mind to.

We had a wood fence just like that one in the GIF  and he didn’t even have to struggle to get over that one.

We had a bunch of dogs over the years when I was growing up and damn near every one of them ended up getting run over.

Something about reading the hubcaps as they go by, I dunno, stupid fuckers.

It really breaks your heart so I pretty much gave up on dogs.

They are like having a three year old kid for ten years or more, if you are lucky.


My brother had a Yellow Lab that was a real escape artist.

When he finally made the fence high enough that it couldn’t get out, the little fucker tunneled underneath three feet of concrete sidewalk and went walk about.

They can be very determined when they want to be.


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