Fuck The Nanny State, Fix Your Damn Gas Cans At Home In Minutes

The newer plastic gas can spouts are an abomination.

Whoever thought they were such a great idea should have two or three of them shoved up their ass.

Here is a video that shows you where to get the old style flexible spouts and the plastic vent you can install in under a minute to get rid of those aggravating fuckers Nanny says you have to use because there are so many fucking morons out there who should never be allowed anywhere near a container with flammable liquid inside in the first place.



I’ll tell ya how Old School I am,  whenever I need something like Acetone or something, I go down and buy a gallon of it in the one gallon tin can because I still have one of the old flexible metal spouts that fit them.

gas can

I need to find a few more of those damn things.

I haven’t really looked hard for them yet, I do keep me eyes peeled at yard sales though.

The new spouts are fucking impossible to use one handed, I have a couple of the damn things but I also still have a couple of the old Jerry Cans with metal spouts too.

Those things are really getting hard to come by second hand.

Over regulation run amok is killing this country but as Americans with a Can Do and Fuck You attitude, we always seem to find a way to throw a good fuck right back at ’em, one way or another.

5 thoughts on “Fuck The Nanny State, Fix Your Damn Gas Cans At Home In Minutes

    • Of course, I would never advocate doing anything illegal…..
      Out loud, on the internet, for the NSA,FBI,Postal Service or God knows whatever else federal agency is wiretapping and archiving everything I do or say forever and ever Amen.



  1. Useful, but 7 minutes of video on “how to change drill bits” when it should be 90 seconds on “here’s how you fix the f***ing can.” Selling video cameras and internet connections to anyone with money is a huge mistake.


  2. I spill way more gas with the new shit than I ever did with the old spouts. I swear, some fucking government employed PHd that has never poured gas came up with this. Same with chain saws and similar. All the gadgetry, automatic oilers (that dont), “automatic chokes” that choke when they shouldn’t and shit like that are designed by some asshole that has never used what ever tool they fucked up.
    Thanks for the tips.


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