Break The SPLC

To those who come by here to see what has been going on in my brain at any one time is sure to know, my opinion of the Southern Poverty Law Center puts them somewhere far  below a snakes navel while slithering in a wagon wheel rut.

They are right down there with The Baptisboro Church when it comes to being something I would want to be associated with.

I could go on and on and on about what a low life bunch of scamming bastards they are and about how much they should qualify for Hate Group status using their own standards but I will spare you all that.

Suffice it to say that if a sink hole suddenly opened up and swallowed the whole outfit that I would be wanting to pour gasoline down the hole and throw in a lit match just to make sure they weren’t coming back.

So when I read about a Christian  group that was maligned by these rat bastards by listing them as a Hate Group, which subsequently caused them to get disallowed a listing as a qualifying charity by Amazon via another group called GuideStar and that they have filed a lawsuit against all 3 entities because of it, I quietly cheered to myself.

According to what I read at that link they have a pretty decent chance at sticking a very big stake in their hearts too.

I hope they sue all of those fuckers into the ground and then start digging a bigger hole.


Anyone that has even the remotest affiliation to the SPLC either has an agenda or is funneling money somewhere it seems to me.

The only reason they have become so powerful is because they get money and credence from the U.S. Government and that alone should be enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.


So I hope this lawsuit breaks them.

Put them into poverty so they can study it first hand and relegate them back to obscurity where they belong.

The only reason I am not on their damn list is that they have never heard of me I’m sure but then again, I haven’t checked their little Map-O-Hate lately either.


1 thought on “Break The SPLC

  1. The success of lawsuits rest SOLELY on the agenda of the judge in whose court they are heard. Most judges in America share the communist agenda of the $LPC. Thus this lawsuit is almost certainly doomed to failure. The LAST thing one should EVER expect to see occur in a courtroom is actual justice.


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