3 thoughts on “Hate Moving? Call These Guys

  1. Holy Cow. I kept wondering what was under the house; some type of “rollers.” Then as the camera got closer, and i opened the vid to full screen; I realized there are people INSIDE lifting as well as those on the outside. UnFReal. They got it down on how to move, I gotta hand to em.


  2. Pretty amazing. Like David Drake, a few seconds in with the house moving, I’m going, “Those are feet! Legs and feet!”

    The only thing that made me uncomfortable was that I didn’t notice any plumbing sticking up out of the slab. No indoor plumbing?


    • I watched a few different videos of the doing this with houses and garages and noticed that myself.
      The only thing I can think of is that because it took 92 guys to do this then they must have figured they would have been too much of a trip hazard and have plans to bore through the slab and then sideways to meet it.
      After watching them raise a giant freaking barn before lunch in another video, I wouldn’t underestimate the skill sets available to them.


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