Fuck Google And Their Arbitrary Censorship

It’s been a long time coming but I have had enough of Google and their shit.

After reading about how they completely terminated anything they had control over, including a blog and this mans Email account for reasons yet to be articulated, without warning, the writing is on the wall.

I have used the WordPress platform in the past and found it to be limiting in some ways and more difficult than Blogger in many other ways but I am preparing to move as much of my Blogger content as possible over here, preemptively.
The relearning curve promises to be steep already but I ain’t waiting around to see how long it takes for those fuckers to decide I am personna non grata.

Do No Evil my ass.

It’s now abundantly clear that Googles agenda does not preclude disaffecting millions of people who may hold opinions that are not in line with their unofficial standards.
Arbitrary as those so called standards may be.

They are not held to the First Amendment protections of free speech so fuck them, I will show my opinion of that by divesting myself of them and voting with my feet as it were.
I have had the same Gmail account for at least ten years now and have been using Blogger for 11.

I now have a Proton Email account to replace Gmail and this WordPress platform will replace Blogger.
Two steps in a long process of unassing Google out of my life.
There is more work to do but I can take my time after these two steps are completed.

So welcome to the new site and repeat after me,

Fuck Google.

6 thoughts on “Fuck Google And Their Arbitrary Censorship

  1. Are you going to do all your posting here from now on? I added the link and will remove the old one.

    I’m not sure if I have the time or effort to change right now. We’ll see what the future brings, although
    I do agree 1000% with your sentiments.



  2. I agree 100%……Fuck Google. However, Google is a private business and has the right to conduct it as they see fit. I’d no more expect Google to host content they don’t agree with than I would force a bakery owned by Christians to bake a gay wedding cake.

    That said, Google is practically a quasi-government entity now so perhaps they should be required to host all comers if they receive a single penny of govt funds for any reason.


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