I’m Back

I’m also exhausted.

We had a great time.

I knocked a few items off my personal Bucket List of places I wanted to go and see.

Saw an old ship wreck today and then got a double bonus.

The wreck of the Peter Iredale.

There was a Pod of big assed whales about a hundred and fifty yards off the beach cruising past and we could see them spouting and then watch the length of their body as they went by.
That was fucking cool.
Then we slipped on over to Fort Stevens right at the mouth of the Columbia River.

THAT was cool as all get out.

It would take all damn day to even begin to walk around that whole thing but we hit the high spots ,the museum and saw the placements and ….
The Big Gun.

We saw all kinds of shit, spent WAY the fuck too much money and generally did the tourist thing.


Seaside has a permanent carnival like atmosphere downtown and there is sugar filled crap everywhere you turn.
I had a deep fried Three Musketeers bar the other day and washed it down with a genuine bottle of Kickapoo Joy Juice.

There was a place that sold real, old fashioned pop in bottles of stuff I haven’t seen in thirty years or more.
We had dinner at one of those fancy restaurants that drizzles shit all over the plate where there isn’t any food, just like The Food Channel Chef’s.

The Rib Eye was out of this world.

Flew a kite, walked all over the damn place and bought trinkets here and there.
It was long overdue, I’ll tell ya.
I couldn’t possibly tell you what all we did and where all we went in one Blog Post.
One of the most fun things I did was slam the boy around a few times in one of these,

I was so intent on getting to his ass that I heard one little girl complain to her friends that “Some Old Man Rammed Me!”

Highlight of my afternoon. Heh.

If ya can’t play with the big dogs, stay on the porch Missy.

I will post some pictures after we get them put on a disc.
All we had were those disposable cameras.

The last thing we did was to go take pictures of the house where that kids movie,“The Goonies” was made.

The wife about had a fit when she found out about it.

It’s a privately owned home but they will let ya walk up the driveway and take pictures.
I was so wore out yesterday I fell down about eight thirty and slept for twelve hours.

I’m not too far behind that tonight either.

Back to the grind tomorrow.

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