The Little Voices Can Be Very Persuasive!

So much so that you will throw caution to the wind and do something crazy like start a Blog.

Our Den Mother Angel just gave us a heads up that a certain Co conspirator who goes by the name Xenolith just started his own Blog.

You poor bastard.

You have no idea what you just got yourself into, do ya?

It’s like having a very demanding child who keeps you up at night thinking about shit to post later.
Saving pictures because, ya never know, that might come in handy, figuring out how to link to people, figuring out a Blogroll, reading things that make you crazy, looking for the inspiration to write that one Blogpost that will put ya on the map.

Running full blast face first into that brick wall known as writers block.
Then we have the ultimate ego killer known as the Stat Counter.
Did anybody actually read my Blog today?
Why don’t I have any comments?!
Oh, and lets not forget those pesky Spammer’s now.

Oh yeah buddy, it’s all coming.

Even with all that, I wish you the best of luck and I am giving ya a little encouragement anyway.
Look for him on the side bar, the name of the joint is The Voices In My Head.

Swing by and say Howdy.
Let him know Busted sent ya too.

6 thoughts on “The Little Voices Can Be Very Persuasive!

  1. Now ya tell me! it's Ya'll's fault I fell into this mess. Blogging away night and day, making it look easy.
    Me, sitting at the computer refreshing my pages to death, anticipating that new blog entry……

    You're EVIL! E V I L !!!!!

    But thanks for the encouragement, Busted!



  2. I hate to admit it but I have been blogging since 2006.
    I have learned many ugly lessons in that time.

    I just wanted to give you a bit of a ……. reality check.


    Oh hell yes I'm evil.


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