Listen To The Action Plan.

Anonymous is saying they are going to start leaking the personal information of one politician each week who slandered Edward Snowden as a criminal and were involved with supporting the NSA and Prism and then they will expose just how much money it took for the low life’s to turn their back on us and show them just how it feels to have their private information mined and disseminated.

This could get very interesting.
You gotta know there are some skeletons buried deep with some of these assholes.

I do believe the term I am looking for is called “Dirty Pool“.

I guess sometimes the only way to get some peoples attention is to use the 2X4 of enlightenment upside their heads.
In the mean time, there is still this,

Found at Boing Boing.

Pansies, Trolls and Liberals are urged to flee this place.

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