Preppers And FireArms Enthusiasts Take Note

The fight hasn’t gone away, the tactics have just changed again.

Now they are playing around with the definitions and qualifying symptoms of mental illness
and they are way past ridiculous and well on their way to laughable.

It would be funny, anyway, if the repercussions were not so possibly disastrous.

Some of the qualifying behaviors and symptoms have no business being classified as a true mental illness and I will let you see for yourself.

Hoarding, cannabis withdrawal and a severe version of PMS are among the new mental illnesses added to the updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

The DSM is the unofficial bible that mental health professionals in North America and around the world use to diagnose and classify mental illness.

The latest edition lists premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a controversial, more extreme form of premenstrual syndrome not universally recognized by scientists and health insurance plans.

Another revision removes the two-month cut-off for depression resulting from bereavement (death of a loved one), recognizing that bereavement can last much longer and can precipitate a major depressive episode.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder has been spun off into its own chapter, along with other related conditions, including excoriation (skin picking) disorder and hoarding disorder.

Cannabis withdrawal and caffeine withdrawal may now be applied under the new criterion “craving or a strong desire or urge to use a substance” for diagnosing substance abuse disorder (the distinction between substance abuse and substance dependence having been removed).

My emphasis.

I will forgo the obvious PMS and guns jokes, this is serious business.

So Jonesing for a cup of coffee or a joint is now classified as a mental illness?


I can’t believe they didn’t add nicotine withdrawal as a psychotic episode.


Hoarding, this is a slippery slope here folks.

There are degrees of hoarding, what is to stop one of these so called professional mental health experts from labeling a gun enthusiast with a few ammo boxes full as having a mental illness?

The same goes for prepper’s who have food and emergency supplies stashed away.
Heaven forbid you should find yourself in a situation having to deal with law enforcement or even Children’s Services at your home and they should somehow lay eyes on any of it. That is a guaranteed phone call now.

We have all seen the media and their extremism describing someone with two guns and a couple hundred .22 shells as having an “arsenal” lately.

In my opinion, having only two hundred rounds of .22 shells is basically like being out and having only two guns is near being unarmed.
Now they can say you have a mental illness to go with it.
Just what they ordered.

These new guidelines are just a new way to infringe upon your privacy and allow the PTB to slap that label of “other” on people that is the ancient strategy of divide and conquer they so love.

In all seriousness, these are the new guidelines that every psychology wannabe is going to be using and woe be unto you or yours if they get you in their sights. Pun intended.

There is so much latitude built into this it is, ridiculous, on it’s face.

Like I said, the battle is still going on for our freedoms, what we have left at this point, they are just changing tactics.

OPSEC is going to be more and more important as they are trying to push the envelope and snare as many people as possible to slap a mental illness diagnosis in your file.

We see what is happening with gun owners who have this diagnosis on record in California, the police are going to their houses and confiscating their guns.

Expect that little practice to spread across the country, starting in Liberal held territories first.

5 thoughts on “Preppers And FireArms Enthusiasts Take Note

  1. There is not a god damned thing “unofficial” about the DSM. Every effing health professional in the country uses the thing or risks getting accused of malpractice. Fuck it, oh Vulgar one. In some states, they can throw your ass into a fucking institution, to hell with your damned weapons. I personally think that my right to get up and have a cup of coffee when I fucking feel like it instead of when Nurse Rached says I am allowed is a bigger deal than whether I need a gun permit.

    On the other hand, I think we can agree that we don't really want the kind of person whose home is 3 feet deep in garbage (and an unknown number of cats and whose hobby is threatening the neighbors) having a lot of guns and ammo.

    Am I getting the hang of your new site? =)


  2. Liberal media is a disease, right next to liberal politicians. This is one battle that the liberals are out gunned… They have outlived their usefulness, it's time to start culling the herd. But wait, They'll do it to themselves. They think that, from my cold dead hands is a bluff. I keep telling them don't go there. If they want the fight, they got one in spades. But they gonna have to get their hands really dirty. They gonna have to pick up a gun just to try.


  3. The mistake made here is believing that any of this has to make sense. Arguing with a liberal is like arguing with a drunk. Forget their argument and develop your own. This argument will ultimately become a test of our resolve. Mark my words. Resist. By any means necessary.


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