My Saturday Surprise

Jeez, I got woke up this morning after five hours of sleep by the kid and him babbling something about a “cat situation”
Trust me when I say I wasn’t a happy camper but I drug my ass out of bed, grabbed some coffee and my smokes and headed out to the garage to finish waking up.

That’s when I found out what he was babbling about.

It seems we have three kittens under the house and they had wandered into the garage via a hole in the wall behind the washing machine.

Damn they are cute little buggers.

Two of them are Maine Coons, bigger than shit.
They have the big “M” on their foreheads but they don’t have the tufts of hair on their ears.

There is no mistaking the markings though.

That would explain the strange cat I found in the garage last week, obviously Momma Kitty.

They are at least a month old and not a bit afraid of people. The wife says we can’t keep any because we already have two cats.
However, one of them is fifteen years old and I want the runt.
She laid in my lap like she had been there her whole life and took a little nap.

We may be getting a new cat anyway, wifey.
If there is one thing I am a sucker for, it is cute little kittens.


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