U.S.Dept Of Defense Blocks Access To DEFCON Download Site

That didn’t take long but the horse is out of the barn anyway.
The files have been downloaded over a half a million times as of yesterday but the US Government now has “This file has been removed from public access at the request of the US Department of Defense Trade Controls . Until further notice, the United States government claims control of the information.” splashed across the top of the website.
Interestingly enough, there is also this;

So the Department of Defense and the State Department both have stuck their fingers in the dike.

Good luck trying to hide smoke with a sieve boys.

The information has already been spread clear around the globe.

Ain’t the internets grand?

Unfortunately, my downloads got interrupted because my motherfucking internet provider is too fucking incompetent to keep their God damned network running more that twenty two hours a day and it took a big dump right in the middle of my download.
I have the file name for one file but everything in the file is fucked and it won’t even open because it didn’t finish downloading before Comcast had another “service interruption episode”.

Dirty sonsabitches,Damn they piss me off.

It doesn’t matter, I wasn’t probably ever going to actually do anything with it anyway.

It was just one of those “the government doesn’t want you to do this” kind of thing and in my heart I feel that they can pretty much go fuck themselves at this point.
Hypocritical fuckheads anyway. They want to limit our access to certain firearms so bad they can taste it then turn right the fuck around and GIVE them to fucking rebels in other countries!

So now the barn door is closed, temporarily I bet, and they can all pat themselves on the back for keeping ‘Merka safe or some such bullshit and I’m sure hoping Mr. Cody Wilson has some lawyers with big fucking balls behind him because I can guaranfuckingtee ya the Feds are trying to figure out a way to charge him with something as we live and breathe.

So let Freedom ring motherfuckers, next thing ya know they will be buying up all the extra printable plastic supplies for Homeland Security. Can you say plastic bullets? Sure ya can.

Score one for liberty in the mean time.

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