Your Police State On Full Display

Just in case some of you fucking people still had any doubts about the fact that we live in a police state and have for some time now.

Then we have little clues like this,

The last thing we may want to do is read Boston suspect Miranda Rights telling him to “remain silent.”; Senator Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) 

April 19, 2013

Need any more convincing?

8 thoughts on “Your Police State On Full Display

  1. According to this “Patriot”(, he has no problem with the police state lockdown of Boston, on the 237th anniversary of Lexington and Concord.

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    “The Asymmetrical Warfare of Islam…”
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    cavmedic68w said…
    Also, it's damn frustrating, and disturbing, that so many in the
    community(who should know better) have jumped on the bandwagon of infotainment drama this has been since the beginning.
    While being completely oblivious to the military/federal/police lockdown of Boston, by the blatant violation of posse comitatus, fourth amendment, Bill of Rights, God given birthright to freedom, privacy, and defense of self, family
    and friends; by any means necessary.
    7:59 PM
    Gerardo Moochie said…
    And WITHOUT the extraordinary presence and action of ALL law enforcement, this Islamic terrorist might have never been caught.

    If I lived anywhere NEAR that neighborhood I would be very thankful and appreciative of any type of law enforcement presence, military or otherwise.

    One thing people like yourself ignore or are otherwise ignorant of: Islam has declared war on the infidel. I don't know if you are an infidel or not. I am. And I appreciate the need for the military to join in defense of the infidel in this country when we are attacked by any Muslim whose objective and actions are to terrorize and weaken us.


  2. Another spineless cocksucker who loves him some Nanny.

    Fuck that.

    What ever happened to people who took care of themselves?
    I'm thinking most anyone who is of the self determination set wouldn't have bothered to call 911 to turn the sonofabitch in, they would have been calling to report a dead body.


  3. By the way, April 20, 2013, is now officially “celebrate slavery” day in Boston.
    Hey Wolf, you pandering whore quisling of state propaganda, I can still see the Humvee in the background.
    The front bumper is still showing.
    Out of sight, out of mind.


  4. Okay man, this is my take on it: IF YOU or any of your family was in the BPD or any federal agency tasked with taking down a terrorist who has ALREADY COMMITTED the act. Wouldn't you want them as well armed/armored as they can be? Wouldn't you want the BEST POSSIBLE EQUIPMENT in your possession before you went toe to toe with an armed fugitive?

    While I don't like the feds having military weapons WE THE PEOPLE are banned from having I have ZERO problem with this particular event. The real problem is WE THE PEOPLE should have the ability to own the very same equipment as they deploy INSIDE our nation. And that is the fight. It's not a good fight to claim the feds don't need all the armor/weapons to take down fugitives.

    Just a thought.


  5. That whooshing sound I just heard was the facts of unofficial Marshal Law, the violation of so many Constitutional rights I don't care to count and the absolute incompetence of said Federal agents going right over your head at light speed apparently.


  6. Marshal Law wouldn't worry anyone IF “We the people” had the ability to possess the same firepower. That's the fight that's winnable. The sheep need to understand the 2nd amendment. I don't expect that Americans should have M1A1 tanks nor mortars or a stealth fighter jet… BUT THINK a minute. The military doesn't operate in our nation against its citizens. BUT WE'VE ALLOWED THE CITIZEN POLICE to be better armed than it's population which WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

    My problem isn't with the cops/feds being well armed. My problem is I CAN'T BE THAT WELL ARMED


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