Neither Rain, Sleet Or Snow Shall Stop Us…

The 4 of us boys used to pile in the back of the Old Man’s 68 Ford 4X4 in any and all weather and sit there until we got where we were going .

Sometimes half way across an entire state.

No canopy.

When it was wet, cold and miserable, we would fight over who got to sit over the mufflers and who got to snuggle up with the wet Black Lab to get any hint of heat.

Now it’s even illegal to have the damn dog in the back if it isn’t tied .

And you wonder why we laugh and make fun of the younger generations.

Watch And Learn Grasshoppers

When I was younger I loved to go out tromping around in the brush and shit.

I would have done the same thing this guy did with no problem.

Now I wouldn’t be able to go near as fast as dude here but I still wouldn’t need a fucking rope to hold onto.

Nasal Spray Developed In Canada And Produced In Israel Reduces Viral Covid 19 Load 95% In 24 Hours

99% in 72 hours.

Funny how you aren’t seeing this on every news channel in the world 24/7 innit?

Made-in-Israel anti-viral nasal spray found effective against COVID

Enovid, a spray developed in Canada by SaNOtize and manufactured in Israel has been found to reduce viral loads in confirmed COVID-19 cases by 95% in 24 hours and 99% in 72 hours


An anti-viral nasal spray called Enovid that was developed in Canada and tested in the UK can reduce the viral loads in confirmed COVID-19 cases by 95% in 24 hours and 99% in 72 hours, a press release said on Sunday. The Israeli-manufactured spray can be used up to five times a day after coming in contact with viruses, according to the release. It’s suitable for children as young as 12 years old, and the Ministry of Health approved it in January this year. It will go on sale in the coming week. “The spray we developed has been proven not only as a virus blocker that causes Covid-19 but also as a killer,” Dr. Gili Regev, CEO and founder of Snotize (the company that developed the spray) said. Since most COVID-19 infections are nasal, SaNOtize believes this is an effective way to reduce the spread and infection of COVID-19. It has been able to suppress the SARS-CoV-2 virus within two minutes, including the Alpha and Gamma variants, according to the release. It is currently being tested against the Delta variant. The spray employs nitric oxide as a mechanical and chemical barrier against viral infection in the nose, which is where respiratory diseases like COVID-19 infiltrate the body.