That Was A Dollar Well Spent

Jesus, no wonder I couldn’t see a fucking thing.

They were so scratched up everything I looked at had a halo around it.

I found another pair out in the garage while I was digging through some shit and after taking that picture, threw those nasty fuckers away.

One of these days I need to go down and get some real glasses. Until then, The Dollar Store is my friend.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This used to be my favorite holiday of the year.
I would literally be drunk before ten in the morning.
I’m sure you have all seen pictures with the caption, “I have been that fucked up before”, Bet me I can top just about anyone of them.


Of course I was drunk pretty much 24/7 anyway but that’s beside the point.

But the Good Lord had mercy on the world and finally said that’s enough boy so I gave it up cold turkey.
I have been sober almost seven years now.
It’s fucking miserable but it beats the alternative.

Have fun, stay safe and watch out for the rookies.

Really, Really, Old School Primitive Outdoor Blacksmithing

I don’t know if any of you have ever watched any of this guy’s videos but I stumbled across one where he built a primitive bush camp a while back and have been hooked ever since.

This young man has some serious talent.
He has a mouthful of a name though,
Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen.
He also has over fifty video’s you can watch that range from quick little five minute jobs to ones that are over an hour long.

The best part of his videos, besides him showing how to make things  without power tools, is not only is there no incredibly annoying music, he doesn’t even speak while doing them either.

All you hear is either the tools being used, the fire crackling or the wind blowing.

I decided to share this particular video for several reasons but I think once you start watching it, no more explanation will be necessary on my part.

This stuff is just crazy cool  and I never in several lifetimes have thought to build this the way he did.

Who would have ever thought to build a Blacksmith’s shop at ground level?
I still haven’t figured out why he built this, he must have some project going because he has an absolutely awesome Blacksmith shop already.

I think you will find that this is well worth your time to watch.

NZ Shooter Posted His Intentions To Q Research Board On 8 Chan Right Before He Started Shooting People

This was a False Flag set up from the Get Go.

An attempt to inextricably link this asshole with the Qanon movement.

Here is the post.

NZ Shooter

As bad as this premeditated mass killing was, Q has said ,recently, that there is a major False Flag large casualty event coming sometime in the future that the media will be talking about “For Days”.

And this wasn’t it…

Keep your eyes open, your head on a swivel and as “Ol Remus has reminded us time and again,

STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS, if at all possible.


Speaking of crowds, I know, my bad, the following may or may not have anything to do with anything but something really strange happened when we went to that concert the other night in Seattle.

Strange enough that even my wife noticed it and said something after I pointed it out.

Without fail every time we go to a concert, they make you open up any bags, empty your pockets out and sometimes even take your belt off. Then you either walk through a metal detector and/or get a hand held model waved around you.

Not so at this concert.

They even sent a notice that no bags were going to be allowed except ladies hand bags/purses and that they were going to make you open up your coat.

They checked my wife’s purse and that was it.

No metal detectors, no emptying of pockets, no opening of the coats, nothing.

Two cops on duty inside the doors in a very large foyer and that was the extent of security other than the ticket checkers who didn’t check much of anything except the purse.

Let me tell you, I was strung pretty tight all night long after we noticed that.

It would have been a perfect setting for a mass casualty event, anyone could have walked right through the front door packing heat.

Unusual doesn’t begin to cover it.

Keep your eyes open, something big and ugly is coming. The Deep State is getting it’s ass beat and it is neither used to it nor liking it one bit.

Daddy’s Little Girl Has Grown Up


Ya better keep an eye out for my youngest daughter.

I think she picked up some of my temperament.

She just sent me this picture and picked one up for me.


I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she didn’t pick one up for herself too.

I’m so proud of her I can’t put it into words.

That’s my girl honey.


Ya Gotta Love Blondes

As per my last post, I am out in The Temple Of Tools fartin’ around with my little project. Since I had to cut some steel for it and actually already had, I thought I would do something completely out of character and affix some brackets to the legs of that damn band saw so the fucker can’t tip over on me, again.

Because, you know, I never got around to doing when I actually should have.

Not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes so I told myself,  hey, you better like, do this, OK?

I whacked some angle iron,  drilled some holes, set it on the back of the vise and whacked them a few times to spread the angle out a bit to match the angle of the legs. Found some bolts and shit and was down on my hands and knees tightening them up when I heard the garage door to the house open up.


I turned around and here is my little five foot nothing blonde sister in law standing there with a fucking boot in her hand .

I have known this woman for over 35 years, OK?

She looks at me, standing in the middle of that disaster of a garage, tools fucking EVERYWHERE, with two wrenches in my hands, and asks me if I have a hammer……


Shake my fucking head.

All I could think to say was, how big?

There must be fifteen fucking hammers out there, from little baby ball peens to something is going to give, BFH’s.

Do I have a hammer.