Oh Yeah, Daddy Scored!

The wife ain’t gonna think so but I know I did.


In case you can’t tell, it’s a heavy motherfucker.

I went over to meet the seller this morning and he turned out to be a hell of a nice guy. Between the two of us the thing went right in the back of the rig by using a small movers dolly to roll the top half in on. Then we got to talking and wound up shooting the shit for about a half hour.

Not only did I get the drill press and the original motor, he threw in 3 more small electric motors for free and I couldn’t thank the guy enough!

IMG_20181117_140303 (1)

That blue one is for the drill press.

Depending how you look at it, I either got  this serious floor mounted drill press for fifty bucks and three free motors to boot or I bought three small electric motors for fifty bucks and got a free drill press. Either way, it was a hell of a good deal.

I have been looking for some of those motors off and on and they are getting hard to come by cheap anymore.

Once in a while I will see one go for twenty bucks but they are always clear the fuck and gone on the other side of Portland which makes it not such a good deal when you gotta take into account time, gas and the ever present clusterfuck traffic jams over there.

So 3 X $20 = $60 from where I am sitting either way.

It took me a good twenty minutes to wrestle the bastard out of the rig and onto the ground by myself because the damn driveway has such a slope to it, that little 1 ton Harbor Freight Cherry Picker has paid for it’s self over and over again at this point.


When I was talking to the guy, he told me that it used to be his Fathers and when he died this guy’s brother hauled this thing all the way up here from California to give to him and he’s like, Why?

He already has one and this thing has just been taking up space in his shop ever since.

Obviously not the sentimental type.

What I can’t hardly believe is that the thing has been advertised for two entire months and nobody else snagged it!

The cheapest I have seen something like this go for in over a year was $175 and it was a piece of crap.

Most of the time it’s $250 and up.

It’s a Jet, made in good old Jay-pan way back when so it’s nothing fancy but at least it ain’t made out of Chinesium*.


It is solid, the quill is in good shape, the bearings seem fine and it looks like it’s going to be fairly easy to put back together.

Even better, I actually had a Morse Taper insert with a 1/2 inch chuck on it that slid right in!


The table has seen better days, someone drilled a series of holes in an arc all the way across it but at least it’s big enough to put a damn drill press vise on.

So it looks like I have something else to keep me occupied for a while. I have been wanting one of these since we lived in the last place but there was always some reason that it didn’t happen.

Now to make some room and get after it. There is going to be a large expenditure of Elbow Grease here in my near future, plus several cans of WD-40.

I doubt that I will take it apart to get rid of the rust by soaking but I’m not going to rule it out. depends on how much work it turns into first.

I can’t wait to get this thing going.


*Raise your hand if you are an Uncle Bumblefuck fan.

If you don’t know what Chinesium is, it’s AvE speak for cheap Chinese steel or cast iron  machine parts or tools that break under normal stress conditions and/or are horribly machined and ill fitting. The epitome of Cheap Chinese Crap.

Look up AvE on Youtube, the guy is seriously hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by and keep your dick in a vise.

Can You Keep A Secret?

The Wifely Unit has been at her folks all week and isn’t due back until Sunday.

There is probably a football game on then too so who knows when she will finally roll in.

As the old saying goes, when the cat is away, the mice will play.

Mice in this case being a rat, as in me.

Leaving me for extended periods of time without close adult supervision can be a serious mistake.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Since I did nothing all day but sit here on my ass recuperating from the brutality of last week at work, have a computer, an internet connection and an addiction to old junk, this very quickly turns into me surfing the local Craigslist and OfferUp  selections of vintage tools.

Lo and behold, I just found this,

rust bucket

The motor comes with it, it is located five minutes from my brothers place, I see these every week going for $300 and up and this is what I have actually been after for quite some time..

I’m going to go snag it for $50.

Don’t you say a fucking word to my wife either.

She will discover it on her own soon enough.

I just want to get it in the garage and buried first.

Lots of surface rust there, could take me quite a while to clean that one up.

Yes sir,

It’s juuuuuuuuust right.

Something to do during the cold months coming up.

Now for sure I gotta get the boy to come get that bench mounted one. I still have to mount the old one too but I think I have a spot for it and that won’t take but a couple of hours.

I Ain’t Doing FUCK ALL Today

I have been busting my ass all damn week with these ten and twelve hour days.

My feet are killin’ me, my legs, shoulders and lower back are all aching and sore as hell and I am generally just wore the fuck out.

Right this minute there ain’t no one here except me and a couple of worthless fucking cats and even those assholes are snoozing.

It’s nice and quiet.

I am going to take full advantage of it by doing absolutely nothing except dick around here on the internet and am only getting up to do one of three things.

Take a piss.

Get more coffee.

Or go have a smoke.

Maybe all three at one go.

That’s it.

There are a thousand things I could and probably should be doing today and fuck every one of ’em.

Y’all have a nice day, I’m going to wash down a few Ibuprofin with some more coffee and just sit here and vegetate for a while.

Let Me Show You My Shocked Face

Pentagon fails its first ever audit, official says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon has failed what is being called its first-ever comprehensive audit, a senior official said on Thursday, finding U.S. Defense Department accounting discrepancies that could take years to resolve.

Results of the inspection – conducted by some 1,200 auditors and examining financial accounting on a wide range of spending including on weapons systems, military personnel and property – were expected to be completed later in the day.

“We failed the audit, but we never expected to pass it,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told reporters.

The U.S. defense budget for the 2018 fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30 was $700 billion. It was unclear what consequences there would be for the failed audit, but defense officials and outside experts have said it may be years before the Pentagon is able to fix its accounting gaps and errors and pass an audit.

A 1990 federal law mandated that U.S. government agencies be audited, but the Pentagon had not faced a comprehensive audit until this one was launched in December.

Let me take my shoes and socks off here for a second,

This audit started a year ago, so, 2017-1990= TWENTY SEVEN FUCKING YEARS that they fucked this audit off to start with, the office in the Pentagon that this audit was supposed to started in conveniently had an “Airliner” slam into it and destroy any trace of what had been going on there way back on 9/11/2001 just for good measure to begin with and just who ever thought there would be the slimmest chance of there ever being any accountability there in the first place was?






Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Trillions of tax payer dollars down a bottomless rat hole and some rich assed motherfucking Military Industrial Complex types laughing all the way to the bank, year after year, after year after year.

If anyone ever expects to see an ounce of accountability for all that money I have a slightly rusty hammer or a toilet seat to sell them at only 16 billion dollars piece.

Cheap by these peoples standards.

I’ll even autograph them for you at no charge.

Today Is Wednesday, Right?

It’s hard for me to keep track of that shit when I start work at 3:00 PM one day and get off at 3:00 AM the next day.

I wake up not knowing what day of the week it is sometimes.

Supposedly I have one more day of this 12 hour bullshit but I have been to Grandma’s house before and ain’t counting my chickens before they hatch.

More coffee is in order either way.

Of course life  goes on and doesn’t give a rusty fuck how many hours you have been working and there is always some other bullshit you gotta take care of, which I just got done doing.

Now I gotta throw something together for lunch and hit the road. My sandwich maker is currently unavailable so it’s time to revert to my old bachelor ways.

See ya when I see ya.



Once Was Enough

Kinda reminds me of this place I know about…..

Watch it  few times and you will see it lets go right before the hammer gets there the second time.

Love the dumb fucking kid  off to the side.

Dumbass would have been fucked before he could react if he was behind it.

Also note, not even a hint of personal protective gear anywhere besides the gloves  and why bother tying the cylinder down to anything?

Gotta love these people.