Busier Than A One Legged Man At An Ass Kicking Contest

Holy Moly.

I was up at 8:30 yesterday morning, after going to sleep at 4.Grabbed a cuppa, hit the fucking door.Went to Les Schwab’s and had 4 new tires put on the Caballero. Night and day man, the thing don’t pull no more and it ain’t all over the road either. $345 out the door, a pretty good deal. We have an account there so I put it on that. Straight from there to the Recycling center, the bed was full of hedge trimmings and brush. The wife’s Nephew and Niece trimmed that out of control hedge out front Thursday.

From there to the house, straight back out to NAPA to return the core computer, picked up a Air Temp Sensor, an ABS sensor and a couple of cans of throttle body cleaner.Came home, threw in the air temp sensor and cleaned the throttle body, saw something with the heater hoses I didn’t like, back to another parts house for heater hoses, changed those and a T connector that had rotted. Put it all back together and filled it with antifreeze, changed the fucking oil and started it up. Same idle problem is still there but now I finally find the small coolant leak I have been looking for since I bought the thing because it ain’t a small leak no more.

The fucking thermostat housing is leaking which means I get to drain the fresh coolant back out. Back to the parts house for a thermostat, gasket and by pass hose.

Start taking that shit apart and you get one fucking guess on what I found.


If you guessed that it got Bubbadized by the same fucking clown who has butchered every mother fucking thing else on this vehicle that I have worked on, congratulate yourself and I thank you for being a regular reader.

The air temp sensor looked like shit so I’m glad I changed it.


This is what started the latest cluster fuck,


It’s just waiting to start leaking and dump coolant right into the new alternator.

It’s a good thing I decided to tackle this before it got cold, wet and dark outside all the time. When I tried to take the small hose off the thing came apart in my hands.


I finally got all those hose changed like I said then found the leak.

As soon as I started taking the thermostat housing off, I know it had found SBD*



That right there is the smoking gun.

The thermostat is on the inside of the gasket instead of being inside the housing with the gasket on the outside.

I did notice the new gasket sticking out of the timing chain cover so I am hoping the dumb bastard actually put a new timing chain set in the thing to go with it.

This is how Ford thermostats are supposed to be assembled for any fucking Bubbas out there who happen to read this.


Notice the recess in the housing?

The thermostat fits in there.


The wax pellet capsule goes inside the manifold.


Then you glue the gasket on to hold it in. This serves two purposes. Besides holding it in, if you change them on a semi regular basis like you are supposed to, the gasket sticks to the housing so when you take it back out, it’s way the fuck easier to clean the gasket off the housing instead of the manifold.

This is the step most people skip which is a mistake and I will show you why.  Remember the nasty looking bolts?


Chase the fucking threads and get that shit out of there. Then I wire wheeled the bolts and as much of the housing as possible, put some fucking Never Seize on the bolts and put it all back together.


I forgot to mention I also changed out the engine temperature sensor that the computer uses and tightened up some grounds.

Put the thing back together jut as it was getting dark and still have the idle problem.

I’ll find it eventually. This was badly needed maintenance more than anything.

I have shit to do today again and this is already longer than I anticipated so I gotta go. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned. I have a very strong feeling that my wife is going to be unhappy with me later.



For those who don’t know,

*SBD is Shit Bubba Did.




Those Of Us With Actual Native American Ancestry Would Like Elizabeth Warren To Shut The Fuck Up.

Give it a rest bitch.

Warren Ivory

Even the Indians would like you to stop claiming their heritage.

While it is a fact that my Father’s side of the family is 100% Irish, my Mother’s side is a whole different story.

The relevant to this little rant part being that my Maternal Great Grandmother was 100% Creek Indian.

I actually met the woman when I was 6 years old and she must have been in her 70’s at least at the time.

As a matter of fact, my Maternal Grandfather was a Half Breed, and was raised for a time on an actual Indian Reservation as a child.

I have seen his Bureau of Indian Affairs ID card with the number stamped on it.

So Fuck You Warren.

Shut your fucking mouth, quit lying about this to score political points and go the fuck away.

Even with documented proof of my heritage I identify as White.

I have nothing to gain by not doing so and don’t fret about such shit in the first place.


Here is a little something for you, Fauxcahontas,


Now beat it, Pale Face.