It’s Tool Time!

My sorta apologies to Tim The Tool Man for stealing his shtick…


About a week ago, shortly after I put up a post about the neat little hand vise I scored off of Ebay, a reader contacted my via Email and asked me if I was interested in another one.

Heck Yes I Am!

He said he remembered seeing one in a tool box that had been laying around for quite a few years and offered to send it to me, from West Virginia!

So I gave Ronald my address and he came back a bit later and says he threw in a couple other little items and shipped them off.

Right On.

Not only do I like old tools, I really like FREE old tools!

They showed up here Thursday while I was at work so as soon as I got home I see the package sitting on my chair so I tore into it.


This stuff is OLD.     I love that.

There was a neat little scribe inside, one unlike any I had ever seen before.


So I Emailed him back to let him know I got the package, mentioned the scribe and he came back and said he had dug that out of his Grandfathers tool box.

His Civil War era Grandfather!

I am going to treasure that little beauty, it was the first thing I cleaned up.

The hand vise has been around too. It’s been broken, repaired and beefed up.

There were a couple of these little sweet hearts in the package too.


I haven’t started on the one in the middle yet.

I was amazed at even though these are quite obviously very old,there is only a very fine layer of rust on them. Not like the rust we get around here either. The rust we get around here ruins tools in a big hurry. My tools start rusting, inside my Roll Aways, inside the garage with the door closed if I don’t keep them oiled up.

Wherever these have been has been very, very, dry.

A quick shot of ol’ WD-40 and everything loosened right up with no problem whatsoever!

I was absolutely amazed at that.

So I started scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing.

That fine layer of rusty patina ain’t coming off for nothing.

I finally got a small wire wheel out and stuck it in a drill and went after it. After I got the hand vise cleaned up and working good, I hit it in a few spots on the belt sander to even the bite up on the jaws and shine them up a bit. The jaws are in excellent condition. That turned out so good I even used them to hold onto some of the other parts to clean them!


So Thanks Again Ron, I really appreciate you doing that and they are going to go into a special box that I have going for these old tools I am starting to collect.

These aren’t going to be Drawer Queens either.

I use all of my old tools as much as possible for a couple of reasons.

One, I like them, and two, it makes sure that they stay clean and oiled up.



They Asked For It

Via ProGunFred,



The Left’s Modus Operendi for years now has been to pass ridiculous, obviously Un-Constitutional laws by the bucket load and instantly turn everyone they don’t like into a potential criminal.

Since the fact that we now undeniably have a Two Tiered Justice System, only us Dirt People are actually subject to all of these laws, by design.

Exemptions and loopholes abound for every connected swinging dick except Joe Sixpack without fail.

So you know what?

It’s time to withdraw from their game as far as possible and work as much as you can under the radar.

It’s time to go Outlaw on ’em. If we are all going to be criminals anyway, be fucking good at it.

Exactly the same strategy the Founding Fathers used in RevWar I, The South used in CW I and the whole of Europe used in WWII.

The Resistance, The Underground, The Sons of Liberty, operating outside of the main stream covertly and perfecting the methods of OPSEC and subterfuge in the process.

It is virtually impossible in this day and age to keep a secret or to plan and execute without the government, Google and a half a dozen other entities knowing where you are at and what you are doing anymore but not COMPLETELY impossible.

Even if you ditch your cell phone there are traffic cameras everywhere and most modern vehicles transmit their location without you ever being aware of it and with no way to stop it.

That doesn’t mean as individuals you can’t still learn to operate the Outlaw way.

It’s a state of mind more than anything.

As much as they would like you to believe, all of these entities are not completely omnipresent.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to be an Outlaw, that would be stupid on my part, you are going to have to figure that out on your own.

I came by it naturally, I figured out as a child that rules and laws are for little people by design and have been playing the game ever since.

If you have been a Goody Two Shoes all your life then start here,


I will say this,

If you are reading this, there is about a 90% chance that you are an American.

The knack of what I am talking about should be inherent in your DNA and every fiber of your being by heritage.

BFYTW is a state of mind that should be second nature to you by birth right.

Start acting like it for cryin’ out loud.


Remember, Safety First!

Check out this dood, I don’t need no stinkin’ PPE.

safety first

No boots,

No gloves,

No eye protection

No hearing protection.

Anyone see a fire extinguisher sitting around?


A garden hose even?


One of those red hot ribbons get wrapped around his legs and he is fucked.

He probably makes $5.50 a day for doing it too.

Corporate CEO’s all over America are drooling at the prospects.