It Kinda Snuck Up On Me!

Holy cow, I figured it was going to be about Christmas time but it’s here before Thanksgiving!

As I double checked to make sure the last post showed up on the home page right, I happened to glance over at my Stat Counter and see this,

big day

She’s fixin’ to roll over boys.

Either sometime as I’m sleeping or tomorrow afternoon, someone is going to have the Three Millionth Page View on this blog.

That boggles my feeble little mind.

There are way too many people to thank individually for regularly stopping by here and for having me on their blog roll so I am only going to thank the one person that really matters.


Thank YOU, for giving me a reason to keep doing this.

I have actually been blogging since March of 2006.

Going on 14 years now. That’s a long time to be doing anything steady but in the blogging world it puts you in with rare company.

It’s hard for me to believe myself.


Do Ya Get It Now?

Some people think the unwritten rules of a polite society don’t apply to them.

For example, you don’t block peoples driveway with your fucking car and then walk away.

Then again, there are also people out there who know how to communicate with self centered assholes like that.




Projects, I Haz ‘Em

Too many of them actually.

Way, WAY too many.

There never seems to be enough time and I gotta do something about the lack of work space.

That being said, I saw this Youtube video about a month or so back and was amazed at what this gentleman could do with and what he came up with for, his little Mini Lathe.

So impressed I was, that I immediately ordered  bunch of goodies to see if I could make the same set up.

The final pieces finally came in yesterday, he didn’t even use a collet chuck to do this machining but I had ordered one anyway from watching a different video. The collets have been here for two weeks, the collet chuck showed up yesterday and off to the Metal Supermarket I went. Fate and dumb luck hit right at the perfect moment as I was waiting for them to cut the pieces for my order, they have a little room with cut offs, mostly huge chunks of aluminum but I spied about ten inches of 5/8′ Stainless Steel square stock and joked to the guy at the counter that for some reason I just couldn’t see myself being able to live without it, even though I didn’t know why. It turns out that was actually a critical piece that I needed after all even though I didn’t know it at the time.

It is what supports the cross slide table in this video!

I still have to get a couple of pieces for the support brackets but I should  be able to get it done after  family gathering I have to go to this afternoon.

This video is only ten minutes long but I think you will also be surprised at what this feller accomplished. The thumbwheel adjustable tapered gibs for the cross slide on the mini lathe is pure genius to begin with  but how he figured out the set up to machine them is equally brilliant. That is what I am trying to duplicate.




The Democrats Shall Be Richly Rewarded For Their Impeachment Efforts

With the lingering stench of burnt hide and singed hair.


If I hadn’t already walked away from the treasonous scumbags years ago, this bullshit would have pushed me over the edge for sure.

I am certainly hoping that some of the slower learners finally get a fucking clue here.

These Rat Fuckers have zero interest in doing what they were elected to do, namely take care of The People’s Business and have instead lost their minds in their hatred of all things Trump.

They are obsessed to the point that their mental health needs to be checked by professionals.


To be sure, all of this effort, money they are blowing and time spent is for absolutely NOTHING.

Their Kangaroo Court has already been shown to be a travesty and a caricature of anything even remotely resembling a fair trial and the Senate is going to be that wall they hit at 200 mph in Turn 4.


I only hope that in this next election coming up that Joe and Jane Democrat pull their heads out of their asses, open their fucking eyes and come to the realization that these people they have elected over and over again are poisonous and toxic, completely ignoring their duties with this charade and wasting a lot of resources, all because of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I do have one small bit of satisfaction wrapped up and stashed away for future enjoyment just in case.

Everyone reading this either knows or should know by now that Liddle Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and most of the Democratic party are dirty.

Corrupta Extremum as a matter of fact.

Trump sure as shit knows and I strongly suspect he has the proof at his fingertips.

It is my fervent hope that he lifts his little pinky finger, hits that button and dumps a literal truck load of that evidence for all to see.

That would get their attention…




Where Does The Time Go?

Holy crap, Halloween is barely over it seems and we are getting phone calls and text messages from family wanting to know what is going on with Thanksgiving and our family Christmas party already.

It caught The Wifely Unit flat footed.

She is usually all over that crap but she says it snuck up on her this year.

Me too.

I told her it is a sign that we are getting old.

I can remember when I was a kid that it seemed to take forever for Christmas to get here and thinking about in the Summer was basically a mortal sin.

Now Summer comes and goes, I don’t seem to get a damn thing done that I would like to do, Fall lasts two damn weeks and BOOM, Thanksgiving is staring me in the face.

While Thanksgiving is technically still in the Fall, around here, once Typhoon season starts, it may as well be Winter until June rolls around. Except for about two weeks or so every year when we get the ice and snow, it doesn’t really get that cold around here.

It just rains a lot.

So now The Wifely Unit is in full panic mode. That is my clue to lay low and try and blend in with the furniture when I’m not at work.

I’m sure the next point that I become aware of the approaching holidays will be two days before they are here. Then they will fly by and the next thing I know it will be a New Year.

If I’m lucky.

It’s a strange phenomena but well documented throughout the ages, the older you get, the faster time seems to go by.